Off the Cuff was founded in 2003 by a group of motivated, diverse, and talented students seeking to create a family of singers who are passionate about performing and having fun.  We cover just about every kind of music, performing new songs every year while also keeping treasured classics around. Nearly every type of student on campus has been part of our group, bringing an eclectic group of people together who all have one thing in common-our shared love of music and having fun. Feel free to explore our website and learn more about our current members below.

Our Current Members

Rebecca Rohn

President, Class of 2019, Alto

Lauren Guzman

Social Media Director, Class of 2020, Alto

Jack Dunne

Class of 2019, Tenor

Carlie Blessing

Class of 2020, Alto

Ben Pomerantz

Class of 2019, Tenor/Beatboxer

Cameron Levy

Class of 2022, Tenor

Abigail Peña

Music Director, Class of 2021, Alto

Claire Powell

Treasurer, Class of 2020, Soprano

Olivia Coffey

Class of 2020, Soprano

Ross Dimchev

Class of 2020, Beatboxer

Noelle Capone

Class of 2022, Soprano

Cathy Bayas

Class of 2022, Soprano

Nathan Burns

Assistant Music Director, Class of 2021, Tenor

Lillie Izo

Class of 2019, Soprano

Eric Bossert

Class of 2020, Bass

Drew Griffin

Class of 2021, Bass

Ariana Kim

Class of 2021, Soprano

Layla Cobrinik

Class of 2022, Soprano